Kara's Path to Progress


In life, the path of progress is not always forward; at times it is two steps forward, and one back. We followed a path that led us to an extraordinary child. At 13, she was diagnosed as bipolar. In her words, "I have no friends, no life." She wouldn't go out alone, and suffered from anxiety and night terror. The case was assigned a CCSI Therapist and Behavior Assistant. For a year, they worked with her and while change hasn't always been easy, her progress was obvious. What is the secret to this success? According to the therapist, "Love, encouragement, and effective techniques helped. For example, we counted to relieve her anxiety or visualized a stop sign to think before speaking." Support was also critical and the entire family participated. They worked on parenting skills like setting boundaries and consequences. They wrote a contract together. One day, mother and daughter walked in each other's shoes, literally. By switching roles, they now appreciate each other more. "The therapist and behavior assistant worked well together as a team," said CCSI's Clinical Supervisor. The therapist shared her knowledge of bipolar and the behavior assistant encouraged music and pottery interests. "Music is an important part of her therapy," said the behavior assistant. "Recently she told us she plans to audition for a performing arts high school. We are so proud of her and her progress." And, wherever the path of progress leads for this child, the gifts of love, support, and empowerment will guide her all along the way.


*Kara is a fictitious name.

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